Breaking Update: Eliyah Haliwa Confirmed Not Jewish, No Ties To Terrorism

Left: Eliyahu as a Muslim Right: dressed as a Chareidi Jew

NEW YORK (VINnews) — After a day and a half of rumors circulating, VINnews can now confirm that Lebanese imposter Eliyah Haliwa is in fact not Jewish at all. He also does not have any connections to terror groups.

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The revelations come after Haliwa was interviewed by the NYPD and other federal intelligence groups on Tuesday.

According to a well placed source, Haliwa confessed to both the authorities, and his Jewish wife who he deceived, that both his parents are not Jewish. He also explained that his motivations are simply to join the Jewish community.

As for why he did not undergo a legitimate conversion, Haliwa allegedly claimed he made an attempt to do so, but it somehow did not work out for him.

Haliwa is not deemed to be a credible threat to the Jewish community at this time. Both of his passports were found to be legitimate. At this time, it does not appear that he broke any laws.

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