Sheikh Jarrah Family Recognizes Rights Of Jewish Owner, Will Continue To Live There Another 10 Years


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — While the sides in the disputed properties at the Shimon Hatzadik-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood await a decision by Israel’s Supreme Court, one family from the neighborhood has already reached an agreement with the Jewish owners, according to a Yisrael Hayom report.

According to the agreement, the family living in the house will recognize Jewish property rights on the house and pay rent on the house but will be allowed to stay in the property for at least another ten years, although without protected tenant status.

The agreement is a severe blow to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas which have been working to persuade local residents not to reach any agreements and understandings with Jewish owners of local properties. A week ago, Hamas persuaded seven families in the neighborhood to reject the compromise agreement suggested by the Supreme Court which would enable them to receive protected tenant status if they recognize the Jewish owners of their residences. The court must now rule on the eviction of the families as requested by the Jewish owners.

The current agreement, which was ratified by the court, concerns an Arab family which has been living in the residence in Shimon Hatzadik since 1956. The Jewish owners had requested that the Arab tenants be evicted but the agreement allows them to pay rent and continue to reside their “until the end of their days” but without protected tenant status. If the Jewish owners will received a building permit, they will find alternative accomodation for the Arab tenants. However no eviction can take place until 10 years after the agreement was ratified.

The agreement specifies that the rights of residence cannot be transferred to the tenant’s children or any other member of their families, meaning that at their deaths the house will immediately revert to the Jewish owners.


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