LISTEN: Lebanese Man Who Masqueraded As Jewish Speaks Out

Left: Eliyahu as a Muslim Right: dressed as a Chareidi Jew

NEW YORK (VINnews) — As previously reported by VINnews, a non-Jewish man from Lebanon was recently exposed after marrying a Jewish girl from Brooklyn under false pretenses. Just a few months after his wedding he was found to have lied to his wife and the Jewish community about his identity and Jewish status.

Eliya Hawila has since left New York, but has now spoken out publicly for the first time since the story broke.

Hawila claims in the interview that he never identified as a Muslim, and sought out Judaism due to a spiritual emptiness inside of him.

He also claims he did not convert because he once reached out to a reform institution, but never heard back from them. Having felt rejected, he decided to fake being jewish in order to avoid further rejection.

He also says that his lie about working for the NSA was also to serve the same goal, in order to explain away his legal name which was not his presented jewish name.

The full interview with Zev Brenner can be listended to below.

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