Eichler’s Pull Chaim Walder Books From Shelves After Allegations Surface


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In a tweet published Tuesday afternoon, Eichler’s owner Mordy Getz announced that the popular Judaica chain will no longer be selling books by Chaim Walder.

The announcement comes after allegations surfaced against the author of the wildly popular Kids Speak series, which were widely reported on in the Israeli media.

“The decision was not made lightly,” Getz wrote, adding that the decision was made in spite of the fact that this will undoubtedly cause a heavy financial lost for Eichler’s.

“Given that the access to alleged victims was largely by way of the author’s books and work, we believe that this decision is an essential step in protecting our children and building a safer, healthier community,” the announcement continues.

Read the full announcement below.

Tzvi Gluck of the Amudim organization was quick to praise Getz for coming out and making this statement.

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