Jewish Parents Issue Warning After Children Overdose On Edible Marijuana


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A warning has been issued by Jewish parents after they experienced the fear of their lifetime over the weekend.

In a letter circulating on social media, the parents inform their neighborhood that this past shabbos edible candy marijuana somehow made it into their home. The children thought it was regular candy, and ate it thinking it was Shabbos party.

According to the parents, they were not initially certain their children would survive.

“We are beyond grateful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that our girls are home asleep in their beds tonight, as last night it was not clear that would be the case,” the letter states.

“The effects were horrific. They ended up in the emergency room. Some unresponsive for hours. And even after regaining consciousness they are not themselves yet. These are little children that had 4 times the amount adults should have.”

This is particularly alarming, since the candy looks and tastes like regular candy and is virtually indistinguishable to children who pick it up.

“This can happen to anyone,” the letter continues. “It is legal and easily accessible nowadays. If you or anyone you know possesses it, be sure to carefully mark it (My husband and myself did not know what it was) and keep it far away from children. In addition it is important for everyone to be aware that this is a problem and to be vigilant with your children. I hope that this can save anyone from the heartache we felt and the repercussions we are dealing with now.”

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