Restraining Order Issued Against NY Gur School Which Suspended Children Of Rav Shaul’s Adherents


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The Supreme Court of New York State issued a restraining order in favor of the parents of children from the Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Gur whose children were suspended from the school after their fathers attended the tish of Rabbi Shaul Alter in Brooklyn last week. The temporary restraining order, which is in effect for the next month, requires the school to refrain from:

  • Suspending or expelling girls from Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Gur
    because of their religious practices;
  • Sequestering girls to a segregated room because of her religious practices;
  • Harassing the infant plaintiff because of her religious practices.
  •  Taking any action against the infant plaintiff because of her religious practices.

Moreover, the restraining order “is conditioned and shall remain in effect so long as the girls follow all the rules of Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Gur and refrain from disparaging
Rabbi Yaakov Alter.”

[The Headlines Will Move On. But Will The Girls?]

The order also requires the school to explain within the next month why there would be grounds for suspending, sequestering or harassing girls because of their religious practices.

About 100 children were suspended from attending the school after their fathers went to the tish of Rabbi Shaul Alter despite a directive from the rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov, not to attend any functions of Rabbi Shaul.

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