Watch: Hundreds Of Youths Sing Songs Of Faith And Hope At Old City Murder Site


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a spontaneous gesture of courage and strength in the face of evil terror, hundreds of youths converged Sunday night on the scene of the dastardly murder of Eli Kay HyD and sang songs of faith and hope. The youths walked from Jaffa Gate through the Arab market to the place -just meters from the Western Wall – where an Arab terrorist had opened fire with a submachine gun, killing Eli and injuring 3 others, one of them seriously.

The youths were accompanied by MKs Simcha Rothman and Orit Struk from the Religious Zionist party. Some of the youths held placards equating Ra’am, the Arab party sitting in the Israeli government, with the terrorist groups who perpetrate acts of terror.

Rothman said that “the terror today is in the coalition, inside the government. Two kilometers from here in Shuafat there is a huge procession of Hamas and at present the Public Security minister is only concerned with settler violence as if that is the problem. We demand security. Jewish blood cannot be hefker (cheap).”


Youths singing at site of murder

הנרצח בפיגוע הקטלני בעיר העתיקה: אליהו דוד קיי הי"ד מירושלים - בחדרי חרדים

Eli Kay HyD

The terrorist, 42-year-old Fadi Abu Shahidam, was a Muslim religious teacher and cleric, who taught in the Al-Rashidiye school in East Jerusalem, receiving his salary from the Education Ministry and the Jerusalem municipality. Shahidam held two degrees in Islamic law from the Al-Quds university in Abu Dis and was active in Hamas and served as a preacher at mosques. Shahidam’s wife left to go abroad three days ago and was apparently aware of her husband’s plans.

Security forces entered the Shuafat refugee camp Sunday night and arrested members of the terrorist’s family. The son published a Facebook status praising his father: “You lived like a lion and died as a martyr like a lion.”
































































































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