Machon Sarah TAG High School 9th Grade Holds Chanukah Party for Special Needs Children


by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

There is something super-special about an entire grade getting together to perform a chessed – when that grade has half a day off.

Today, the ninth graders of Machon Sara TAG High School in Far Rockaway and the Five Towns community, got together to organize a fun and exciting Chanukah party on behalf of a dozen special needs children.

The ninth graders set up the party, provided food, drink, nosh, and interacted and entertained with the children thorughout the event.  The event was organized by Mrs. Liane Safier, one of the teachers at the high school.

In Shmoneh Esreh we recite the words of thanks and appreciation for imbuing us with a love of Chessed.  Seeing it in action is truly inspiring.

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