How a Novel Idea Is Changing The Way People Pay For Therapy


Prodana is a “pay-it-forward” digital tool that changes the way people pay for therapy.

Instead of charging your client for the session, you offer them a chance to pay their gratitude forward, and contribute the full session amount (or whatever they feel like giving), to help someone else.

Is the therapist working for free?

The therapist is essentially offering a free service to each client, and then he or she gets payment from Prodana once the session is complete.

How does it work?

The therapist creates their own crowdfunding page on the Prodana platform which:

  1. Shows the value of the session
  2.  Allows clients and other donors to contribute
  3. Collects feedback and ratings and displays a successful track record to clients and contributors

Here’s a Prodana page you can look at now

Prodana creates a powerful synergy, where clients, therapists and generous individuals work together to bring mental health and healing to more people.

●     It helps therapists get paid—without their clients paying them. Because let’s face it, when you’re in it for the money, the client feels it.

●     It allows people who struggle with mental and financial difficulties the chance to improve their situation— without forcing them to beg for funds.

●     It removes the secrecy and stigma that shrouds therapy. Clients rate the therapist and leave anonymous feedback on the platform—because therapy should be as rateable as any service.

The cool thing about Prodana is that therapists can use it however it suits them and their practice.

For newer practitioners, having a Prodana page can be an easy way to build up a client base, without feeling the ‘imposter syndrome’ that plagues them when taking payment. The platform collects testimonials and ratings and provides an opportunity to build reputability, something that can otherwise take many grueling years, in an industry where word-of-mouth is almost non-existent.

For more experienced practitioners, Prodana is an opportunity to expand their reach and heal more people. It can be used as the primary billing system, or in addition to the current billing system.

Things that grow your business, but you hate doing? Leave them to the system.

No more awkwardly requesting testimonials (or neglecting to collect them at all)

After a session, the client is automatically asked to leave anonymous feedback and a rating on your Prodana page. You’ll rapidly super-charge your reputation and start attracting more clients and more contributions.

Throw the following-up, following-up and following-up off your shoulders

With Prodana you simply make a note of the sessions you’ve completed. Then, the system reaches out to the clients for feedback and an optional contribution – and stays in touch with them for the future in case their fortunes improve or they’re inspired to give more later on.

Stop feeling like an overwhelmed secretary

Maintaining a relationship with past customers is an easy-to-neglect but crucial part of your business. Prodana keeps your client list organized and automatically keeps in touch with them at regular intervals. So you can:

●     Preserve existing customers —it’s easier than getting new ones

●     Keep yourself top-of-mind— should they need you in the future

●     Stay in their email inbox— to keep you in mind when referring others

And your clients will likely continue contributing many years later, as the transformation they underwent in your sessions continues to enhance their life.

Is Prodana a gamble? Definitely. And there’s a system in place to address the risks. But it places a bet on the goodness and generosity of humanity. And judging by the success of similar initiatives, there is a strong chance that this will be wildly successful too.

Changing the world?

Just by concretizing gratitude that already exists, therapists will be able to bring mental health to many more people, giving us all healthier families and happier communities.

Find out more about this revolutionary initiative at, and if you’re a therapist, healer, or mental health professional, sign up for your own account today to start helping more people.

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