Mordechai Shapiro Responds to Uproar over Controversial Concert


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In response to the uproar following his concert Monday during which inappropriate dancing took place, renowned singer Mordechai Shapiro has released a statement.

According to Israeli media, Mr. Shapiro’s spokesman put out the following:

“Sadly, dancing took place for a brief time which I was not able to discern from the stage as a result of strong lighting and the vastness of the auditorium . As a Charedi artist and someone who learned in Charedi Yeshivos, I’m obligated to keep halacha and follow the Gedolei Yisrael.

“Since the start of my career, I’ve only performed at venues that adhere to halacha. I’ve asked the event managers and the production company that works with me to hold an urgent meeting, to learn lessons and prevent this from ever happening again.

“B’ezras Hashem, I will continue to entertain B’nei Yeshiva, and I daven that no problems should come about through my work.”

Monday’s concert at the Binyanei Haumah raised an uproar after scenes emerged of chareidi men and women dancing adjacent to one another in areas with mixed seating. The concert had been touted for the chareidi community and advertising in various chareidi journals and communities but the atmosphere was inappropriate.


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