Shocking New Details: Lev Tahor Leader Buried in Guatemala with Daughter, Follower

Lev Tahor girls walking in Chatham, Ontario, in December 2013. (screen capture: YouTube)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — New evidence has emerged, which appears to confirm that Shlomo Helbrans, former leader of the Lev Tahor cult, is buried in Guatemala in an unmarked grave. Although he reportedly died in 2017 at age 54, some have speculated that Helbrans staged his death, fled Mexican authorities, and has been hiding ever since.

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However according to unconfirmed reports by B’Chadrei Charedim, exclusive evidence has been obtained of his burial spot, alongside his daughter and one of his followers, Yehoshua Levy.

Yehoshua’s son Yoel, who escaped the cult, told the Israeli news outlet that the three are buried in Guatemala.

Levy said, “After leader Shlomo Helbrans drowned in a river in Mexico, they brought him to Guatemala, buried him in disgrace with no tombstone…in the middle of nowhere.” According to the bombshell report, the grave is in the middle of a forest where the cult resides in deplorable conditions.

Helbrans was reportedly using the river as a mikveh when he drowned.

Yoel’s brother Mendy described the horrific death of Helbrans’ 24 year old daughter Miriam, who suffered an allergic reaction to sesame, caused by her own brother who now leads the cult.

Yoel and Mendy Levy after escaping Lev Tahor

Levy said, “One evening in 2017 in Guatemala, [Nachman Helbrans] wanted to test her faith in him and ordered her to eat techina. She told him she might die, but he insisted and ordered her to eat it anyway.” She was well aware that she had a deadly allergy to sesame.

He said that two hours later she died of an allergic reaction. They did not allow her to call an ambulance. In general they forbade calling doctors without permission, we were told to trust only what the leader would say.”

He added, “They did not want to bury her at first, they said she would come back to life, they told the shocked cult members that she would wake up soon, but after four in the morning they finally buried her”.

Helbrans is currently imprisoned in the US and awaiting sentencing for kidnapping and child abuse.

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