BDE: Esther Gella Blau, New Mother From Dushinsky Chasidic Group, Passes Away At Age 22


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Esther Gella Blau, a young new mother who collapsed in her parents home in Jerusalem two weeks ago passed away at the age of 22. When the expectant mother collapsed, Hatzalah medics arrived and succeeded in reviving her after continuous resuscitation efforts.

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Blau was taken in critical condition to Jerusalem’s Shaarei Tzedek hospital, where doctors succeeded in delivering her healthy infant son. She was placed on an Ecmo heart-lung machine and many people prayed for her recovery but unfortunately she passed away Wednesday night.

Esther Gella Blau was the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Yosef Dovid Weiss and the the granddaughter of Rabbi Shimon Weiss , the head of the Shechita Committee of the Eda Chareidis. Blau’s mother is the daughter of Rabbi Nosson Yehuda Shisha, the spiritual supervisor in the junior yeshiva of the Dushinsky chasidim.

Blau studied in the Bnos Esther Dushinsky seminary in Jerusalem and married Rabbi Yoel Nachman Blaus, the son of Rabbi Avraham Blau who is the headmaster of the Beit Shemesh branch of the Dushinsky Talmud Torah.

The funeral will take place on Thursday at 11 AM from the Dushinsky headquarters in Jerusalem. May her memory be blessed.

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