HORROR: Ramallah Lynching Survivor Recounts Terrifying Attack – ‘I Felt Death’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — One of the survivors of the attempted lynching by a mob of Arab monsters in Ramallah on Wednesday has spoken publicly about his terrifying experience.

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The man said that he “felt death” approaching and that numerous miracles took place, which allowed the two men to escape unharmed.

Speaking to Israel’s Kan 11, the Breslav chasid said, “Even making it out of the car was a miracle, because they surrounded us with their own cars and there was only one door from which we could escape.”

He continued, “I felt death [approaching] and I needed to say ‘Shma Yisrael’. My friend and I ran for ten minutes, everywhere we went there were many many people, both in cars and pedestrians. Baruch Hashem, we did not lose sight of each other. As we escaped we screamed the names of Tzaddikim.

“There was one extremely terrifying spot [where we were chased], but when we looked back, they were running slowly, which I have no explanation for.

“They threw bricks, they threw everything. Baruch Hashem, another miracle was that we escaped without a scratch. When we were in the car, all the windows shattered, bricks were thrown in, but nothing happened to us. I was endlessly hit in the face. There were multiple miracles which defied logic within a matter of seconds.”

The attack occurred when the two Breslav chasidim mistakenly entered Ramallah Wednesday evening. Arabs torched the car and attacked the men, who were rescued by Palestinian security personnel.

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