Leftist Politician Fooled into Thinking She was Communicating with Hamas “Rabbi”

Hamas in Gaza City, March, 25, 2017 (Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

NEW JERSEY (VINnews) — A socialist politician has been duped into thinking that she was planning an event with the “Chief Rabbi” of Gaza. In reality, her campaign was communicating with a Jewish pro-Israel lawyer, running a parody Twitter account.

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The pseudo-account of “Rabbi Linda Goldstein” has posted wildly hilarious tweets, telling terrorists to conduct social distancing in terror tunnels, and posting pictures of a Menorah made of Qassam rockets. Linda calls herself the “Jewish issues advisor” to terrorist leader Ismail Haniyeh.

One tweet said, “Excited to announce Hamas has given me permission to build the first and only Jewish Ghetto in Gaza! By default, wherever a Jew lives they’re Colonizing. Ghettos ensure Jews don’t displace Palestinians.”


Imani Oakley, a socialist candidate for Congress in New Jersey, thought she was organizing a fundraiser with the non-existent Goldstein. Amazingly, despite the absurdity of the tweets, Maita Lockhart, Oakley’s campaign manager, apparently had no inkling that the account was a fake.

According to the NY Post, “Linda”, who is actually a lawyer named Michael, reached out to the campaign, offering to hold a fundraiser in Gaza, and Lockhart replied enthusiastically.

The nonexistent rabbi sent a follow-up email saying, “I think it would be terrific if Ms. Oakley would in-person or virtually (over Zoom) attend a house party/fundraiser in Gaza. I can’t think of a better way to show off her #FreePalestine bona fides.”

Again Lockhart responded, saying, “We are so pleased that you would like to host a virtual fundraiser.”

Oakley calls herself a “Squad” socialist, and her social media accounts viciously describe Israel as committing “apartheid” and “genocide.”


Oakley is not the only radical leftist politician to take the bait. Thelma Walker of the British Labour party, a former member of parliament, sent a message offering her “respect and solidarity”.

Micahel, the creator of the account, told The Post that his goal is to make fun of anti-Israel Jews. He observed that these incidents demonstrate the extreme ignorance of leftist politicians, who simply repeat anti-Israel talking points that they know nothing about. “Jews cannot live in Gaza. So the fact that people think she is the chief rabbi in Gaza or has a temple in Gaza just shows how uneducated people are about the conflict.”


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2 years ago

Quite hilarious! But the backlash can be potentially harmful because she feels like a real jerk now.

2 years ago

Morons,they need to be called out for exactly what they are…..