Watch: Terrorist Shot On The Ground After Stabbing And Wounding Chareidi Near Damascus Gate


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a terrorist attack which occurred just before the end of Shabbat, a youth attacked and stabbed a chareidi yeshiva student near Shaar Shechem (Damascus Gate), moderately injuring him. The student fought with the terrorist until Border Police arrived. When the terrorist tried to attack them, they shot him and then eliminated him while he was lying on the ground, causing a strong reaction from Arab and left-wing MKs and an internal police investigation of the incident.

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Avraham Almaliah (20), the yeshiva student injured in the attack, described what happened from his hospital bed:

“I was returning from Mincha at the Kotel and trying to make Seuda Shlishit (the third meal of Shabbat) before sunset so I went via Damascus Gate. I crossed the road and didn’t notice and suddenly the terrorist ran after me. He was aiming to murder me, he tried stabbing me in all parts of the body, in the back, chest and neck. I was injured by the first stabbing but continued to try and fight him.

Avraham said that the Border Police did not immediately comprehend that it was a terror attack.

“I was trying to fight and then, Thank G-d, a soldier came and tried to separate us and the murderous terrorist tried to stab him, and then they killed him, thank G-d.”

Alamaliah described the outcome as a “Chanukah miracle” since the doctors told him that “one more centimeter and he would have hit a major artery.” He added that he felt fine although he admitted he had lost a lot of blood.

Almaliah criticized the investigation of the police: “The guy came to save me, what are they investigating? Its a shame and disgrace.”

The 25-year-old terrorist, a resident of the Palestinian village of Salfit, was first shot by the policemen and when he tried to get up, was shot again repeatedly. Arab Knesset members decried the ‘execution” and called for an investigation, but Public Security minister Omer Bar-Lev backed the policemen, saying that they had acted professionally and prevented the terrorist from continuing his murderous attack.


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