Reality Shifting is a New Trend Among Youth on Tik Tok


A Tik Tok trend where users change their realities is growing in popularity, with many visiting the world of Harry Potter to meet Draco Malfoy. There are many methods for reality shifts, but most involve visualizing a desired reality away from the current one.

What is Reality Shifting?

Reality Shifting is the practice of switching from a current reality to a desired reality. Whether this shift is real or imagined depends on whether one believes in the existence of alternate realities. To those who believe in this existence, these realities can be from cartoons, books, or even other realities in the real world (such as switching gender, race or country).

The idea that an individual may inhabit any reality they wish is certainly freeing. Notably, reality shifting methods are mainly used to enter fantasy worlds such as that of Harry Potter. Tik Tok users claiming to have shifted to this world detail stories from their journeys, as well as describe their failed and successful attempts at shifting.

Creating a Guide Map with Scripting

Shifting requires guiding the consciousness to another environment or reality through any method. Most methods involve keeping the body static and relaxed while repeating the intentions for the shift.

For example, one might recite phrases such as “I am entering the world of Harry Potter,” or “I am wearing a wizards cape and hat.” This is a process called scripting which aids in the visualization of the desired reality. In a sense, it serves as a map to lead the consciousness to this other world.

Scripting can also serve to describe the desired experience- such as making friends, or having a good time. To continue with the Harry Potter example, some might want to make friends with Draco Malfoy (or date him, as is also trending), or play a game of Quidditch.

Each person has the freedom to go anywhere and do anything they want with the belief that they will actually experience their desired reality first hand.

Getting from the script to the actual experience is the next step and there are several popular methods to try.

Reality Shifting Methods

One of the most widely used methods among Tik Tok users is the Raven Method which involves lying down in a starfish position. No limbs should touch each other and legs and arms should be spread out on a comfortable surface.

Once relaxed, the individual can count up to or down from 100 while repeating affirmations. These can be keywords or even lines from the script which help to visualize the desired reality.

Shifting veterans claim that this helps them to fall asleep and wake up in the universe of their choice.

Another popular choice is the PIllow Method which is aimed at those who have trouble visualizing where they want to go. This method involves creating a script and placing it underneath a pillow while the individual tries to sleep or rest.

Similarly, the idea is to have an intent and attempt to manifest it by shifting realities. Music that raises vibrational energy can also help to create the shift.

Another reality shifting method using vibrations and sounds is the Heartbeat Method. Here individuals use repetitive or humming sounds resembling a heartbeat’s pulse. They then imagine the pulsing coming from the body of someone they wish to connect with in their desired reality.

Like many methods, this one is especially visually intensive since it requires seeing the person from the ‘other world’ and imagining a doorway to them.

There are still several other ways that can supposedly help, but the best reality shifting method will vary depending on what each person feels more comfortable with.

Real or Imaginary?

There is an important distinction which some people will make, depending on their propensities to believe in this kind of stuff. Typically, younger generations believe shifting is about actually transferring consciousness to an alternate reality which (they believe) exists. On the other hand, groups of people outside this age group interpret shifting as exploring different realities using the imagination.

Highlighting this difference also sheds some light into what may be going on in the background. The stress and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, coupled with reduced social contact and isolation may be part of it. Students facing the brunt of health restrictions can cause them to look for other ways to escape this reality.

Either way, the trend is growing in popularity with many questioning whether the practice of shifting is healthy or harmful.

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