In Israeli Radio Interview, Mordechai Ben David Compares Coronavirus To Flu, Calls It ‘Pandemic Of Lies’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Leading Chasidic singer Mordechai Ben David Wergyger made a number of controversial statements regarding coronavirus in an interview with popular chareidi Israeli radio anchor Menachem Toker. Speaking on Radio Kol Chai on Toker’s Motzash Chai program, Werdyger called coronavirus a “pandemic of lies”. Toker did not air the statements but a number of them were published by the Israeli press, including Kikar Hashabat and Yisrael Hayom.

Werdyger said at the beginning of the interview: “May Hashem help that we all escape from this madness called corona and the lies they try to throw at us and all the restrictions and nonsense. May Hashem save us from the restrictions. This is a pandemic of pressures, not a real one. It’s like the flu but they create panic. I believe it is all money, a ton of money which Pfizer and all the rest are throwing on us. This is why there are so many rumors, this one says yes, this one says no but the media are trying to frighten us into vaccinating. They even want to vaccinate children, Heaven forfend.”

Werdyger himself was one of the first to contract coronavirus in March 2020 and now claims that in the US there is widespread opposition to vaccinations. “In Lakewood all the rabbis prohibited vaccinating children. They say that there are proofs that it kills people. Whoever is told by his rabbi to vaccinate should do so and whoever is told not- should not.” he added.

Toker said that he had not aired these comments because “I was asked to focus on music alone and not on other thing. When he said what he said I realized it could cause damage if I published it and therefore I preferred to focus on his musical career and leave the matter of vaccinations out.”

Toker added that “I wish to stress that everyone should follow his rabbis. It is worth noting that in the US many chareidim do not vaccinate.”


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