Yeshivas, Communities Refuse To Donate To MDA Until Its Forms State Father-Mother And Not Parent 1-Parent 2


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The heads of the religious Zionist yeshivas have decided to prevent MDA from initiating blood drives in their yeshivot because the organization uses the term “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” on its forms rather than “father” and “mother.”

Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, the head of the Elon More yeshiva said that MDA had called to arrange a blood drive in the yeshiva. “We used to prepare a hall with beds in order to donate and we would donate happily. However since they changed the language on their forms and gave in to radical left-wing elements, they may have more money [damim in Hebrew] but less blood [dam in Hebrew].”

“We cannot agree to this. They care about money but for us the blood is what counts and we will not agree to such corruption. There are organizations bent on uprooting the concept of families in Israel  and we won’t give any support to such elements.

“The concept of family is a holy ideal and family is a father and mother. When you remove the father and mother and make them first parent and second parent, you eradicate the family. If MDA want us to donate, let them restore the previous forms.”

MDA suggested using a form without any reference to parents but the yeshivas are insisting on using the previous forms.

Tens of other yeshivas also refused to conduct blood drives over the past few months until MDA changes its forms. A number of communities have joined the protest, including Eli, where the rabbi of the community recommended cancelling a planned blood drive.

One of the leaders of the protest said that “we maintain the right to continue donating blood as we have been taught to give and contribute, but without reeducating us. They are using our donation to insinuate radical and progressive agendas. We cannot let our giving be exploited for foreign agendas.”


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