Mrs. Bernice Wasser ע”ה בריינא סימא בת ישראל

Family getting up: Shacharis: 7:00 amMincha: 1:30 pmMaariv: 8:15 pm
Mrs. Sahra Segal
Mrs. Rakel Yoffe
Mr. Yechiel Wasser
Friday and Motzai Shabbos will be sitting at 1225 North Lake Drive, Lakewood, NJ.
Friday/Sunday Shachris 7:30 AM
Friday Mincha 1:00 PM
Mr. Yisroel Wasser
Sitting at this address until Friday noon.

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Motzai Shabbos sitting at 384 Oak ave
Sunday Shachris 8:00 AM. Please use side door by driveway.

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