Two Brothers, Israeli Yeshiva Students, Arrested In France For Smuggling Khat Leaves


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Two brothers, Israeli yeshiva students, travelled from Israel to France with khat leaves which they had smuggled out of the country. The two were persuaded to take them by purveyors who assured them that there was no legal problem with the consignment. However French authorities arrested them and placed them in jail.

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The father, who has hired a lawyer to try and negotiate their release, spoke in tears with insurance agent Yonatan Levy and asked him to publicize his words, stating that “my world has been ruined, as well as that of my wife. Two of our sons were lured into travelling to France with khat leaves. They are both in jail, this is not an easy story. I entreat you to publish this.”

The state of Israel does not consider khat leaves a prohibited drug but other countries  proscribe its use.

Many smugglers attempt to use yeshiva students to smuggle khat into other countries, claiming that they will not be arrested if they have citizenship in those countries. They claime that even if the student will be caught, he will be returned to his country but will not receive any further sanction. The smugglers promise large sums of money as well as tickets to the yeshiva students, who do not realize the severity of their actions.


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