Charedi Girls School Forced by Government to Revise Dress Code


LONDON (VINnews) — A girls’ yeshiva in England has been told by the government that it cannot tell girls to refrain from wearing “brightly colored” clothing.

A watchdog group has ruled that while the school has the right to prohibit certain colors, the current instructions are too vague, and the yeshiva must be more specific in its definition of “bright”.

As reported in the UK’s Jewish Chronicle, an anonymous complaint was filed with the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) against several policies of Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School in Hackney.

One issue is the school’s dress code, which was created for tznius purposes. In its ruling, the OSA’s Dr. Bryan Slater pointed to the ambiguity of the rule, saying: “I think it probable that most people would agree that some objects one could imagine were brightly colored, but that it is not possible to know where the dividing line between ‘bright’ and ‘not bright’ would be drawn by all people.”

He also felt that the use of certain Hebrew words in the dress code violated OSA policies, because they prevent parents from easily interpreting the rules.

In addition, the agency ruled that the yeshiva must accept more students for certain grade levels than its current limit. However Dr. Slater overruled one complaint that suggested that the yeshiva’s admission policies are discriminatory

The yeshiva receives funding from the state.

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