Supreme Court Defers Lieberman’s Cancellation Of Kolel Subsidies For Daycare Until Next School Year

Picture: Government Press Office (GPO)

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Israeli Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the government’s intended cancellation of subsidies for daycare of children of avreichim would not be valid in the current year. The ruling represents a victory for the chareidim who petitioned the court to delay the cancellation until the coming year.

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The lawyers representing the petitioners had requested that the court cancel the decision entirely, claiming that it was based on unreasonable considerations and caused harm specifically to the children of those studying Torah. Moreover the government’s move took place after the opening of the school year, which prevented parents from preparing for such a situation.

The ruling issued by judges Fogelman, Grosskopf and Stein stated that the children of Avreichim will continue to receive subsidies for the entire school year of 2021-22.

The lawyers, Uriel Stern, Yonatan Feldman and Shmuel Maklev, warned that they would continue to fight until the government decision is revoked entirely.

“We call on the finance minister to adopt decisions professionally and in accordance with administrative law and not based on unreasonable considerations. If this will not happen we will not hesitate to petition the appropriate courts to receive more assistance,” the lawyers said.

MK Yaakov Asher said that “even the Supreme Court judges realized that Lieberman’s brutal act against chareidi mothers does not hold up to any legal or logical standard and threw it out. I congratulate the Emes L’Yaakov organization and the petitioners for their determined and combined efforts against this draconian decree. With G-d’s help, by the next school year this evil government will pass and with it all of its decrees.”

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