Rabbi Mutzafi: Those who Dissuade Others from the Vaccine ‘Will Sit with Murderers’


ISRAEL (VINnews) — On Wednesday, a leading Sefardi Posek blasted those who campaign against the Covid vaccine. According to Kikar Shabbos, Rabbi Bentzion Mutzafi was asked by a student what will happen in Shamayim to those who urge and incite others against the vaccine.

The Rabbi had a scathing reply, saying, “He will sit with criminal murderers, since the propaganda that he spread prevented innocent people from getting vaccinated, and a result they become sick and hurt for the rest of their lives with problems and complications.”

The Rabbi continued, “We know hundreds of people who refused the vaccine and died at half their life expectancy; their blood is on the heads of the [anti-vaxx] campaigners. Hashem should bless his nation with Shalom.”

According to the report, the Rabbi paskened that as per the Health Ministry’s guidance, his talmidim should receive a fourth booster shot without hesitation.

Last August, an unusual incident took place at a shiur given by Rabbi Mutzafi, in which he argued with a student who claimed (in reference to vaccines) that “the Jewish people are not a laboratory.”

An outraged Rabbi Mutzafi threw the student out. “More than 6,500 people have died,” he said. “Stop with your nonsense.”

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