First Ever Yahrtzeit Memorial Held for Nissim Shitrit, Thirty-Six Years After His Disappearance (PICTURES)

Meir Shitrit, the brother of murder victim Nissim Shitrit, family and friends attend a memorial service to mark the 36th anniversary of his death, at Har HaMenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem, January 16, 2022. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** אזכרה הר המנוחות גופה לא נמצא ניסים שטרית מאיר שטרית

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The family of Nissim Shitrit, who was allegedly murdered as a young man, held a memorial service in his memory on Sunday. Although it was the 36th yahrtzeit of Nissim’s death, this was the first memorial service ever held for him, following the claims by police that Mr. Shitrit was indeed murdered.

The memorial service was held near the grave of the boy’s parents, because tragically Nissim’s body has never been recovered.

Several months ago, police reopened two cold cases–the investigation into the murder of Mr. Shitrit, as well as Avi Edri, a worker at a school in Jerusalem, following new revelations in a television documentary about the cases. The investigations are specifically focused on former members of Shuvu Banim, led by Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

The police arrested more than 10 suspects,including Rabbi Berland on suspicion of ordering “Tznius Patrols” to eliminate Shitrit. However Rabbi Berland was released as there was no evidence that he was involved in sending such patrols, although Meir Shitrit continues to claim that he was involved in his brother’s disappearance. There have been two indictments.


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