Adi Felt A Sudden Pain, Operation Revealed She Had Been Shot – But Was It A Terror Attack?


JERUSALEM (VINnews) —When Adi Blau felt a searing pain in her shoulder during a wedding which took place in the Shaar Binyamin industrial complex north of Jerusalem, she did not know what had happened. She thought that she had pulled a muscle and then saw a small injury on her back and thought that she had been scratched by something but didn’t pay much attention to it.

However when the pain increased daily and doctors did not understand what was wrong with her, Adi insisted that she go for an X-ray, which revealed a small piece of metal near her chest.

According to a report by Galei Tzahal, Adi then decided to perform an operation to remove the metal but still had no idea what had been near her spine for the last few months.

After the operation Adi woke up and the doctors immediatelasked who she had issues with, as they had found a bullet in her body.

Bullet as it appeared in X-ray

The bullet was apparently fired from an M-16 rifle from the nearby Palestinian village of Muchmas [which perpetuates the Biblical name of Michmash] towards Shaar Binyamin. Was it a stray bullet or was it a premeditated attack? Police do not have the answer but when they saw the result of the operation they recognized it as a terror incident and allowed Adi to begin the procedure of receiving state recognition as a victim of hostile terror activities. Adi is currently attempting to receive National Insurance coverage for all of her expenses and treatments up to this point.

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