Arabs Hold Out On Rooftop With Gas Canisters As Jerusalem Police Implement Eviction


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A number of family members of an Arab family living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem are holding out on their rooftop and threatening to explode gas canisters they have with them. The family are being evicted as part of a court order which requires them to leave their illegally built home which has been designated as a place for educational institutions.

The family are burning mattresses and have taken gas canisters to the roof. Police negotiators are communicating with the family in an attempt to persuade them to allow authorities to implement the court order.

It should be noted that the order does not relate to the ongoing dispute on many residences in the area which are of Jewish ownership but are occupied by Arabs. The current residence is slated to be a special ed school for local Arab children.

Police and the municipality state that the family was warned a year ago to evacuate the property but refused to do so despite numerous meetings and discussions with city officials. Therefore the municipality acted to implement the court orders.

Jewish Force leader Itamar Ben-Gvir said that the municipality must now act against the more than twenty Jewish-owned houses where people are squatting and must be evicted. “The state of Israel must demonstrate governance first of all in Jerusalem,” Ben-Gvir said.


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