Adams’ New York: Brave Frum Brooklyn Woman Chases Away Package Thieves (VIDEO)


CROWN HEIGHTS (VINnews) — A brave homeowner chased two large burglars from her porch and forced them to return her packages, after she busted them in the act.

Recently there has been a surge in package thefts from porches and doorsteps, as part of an overall spike in crime in New York.

One Brooklyn woman took matters into her own hands, confronting brazen burglars in the act of stealing, and scaring them away. The brave woman even forced them to return a package they had already grabbed and were in the process of dragging away.

As seen on the home’s Amazon Ring video, several days ago, two large boxes were sitting on her porch in Crown Heights, and two thieves began stealing them. The first one shamelessly went up the steps in broad daylight with a garbage bag, clearly planning to place the box into the bag. He dragged the box to the sidewalk while the other thief came up and started pushing the second box down the steps.

At that point, the woman came out the front door and startled the thieves, who began to flee. The thief at the stop of the steps dropped the box and ran, and the other one fled with the package.

The lady yelled, “Excuse me, excuse me, bring it back now. All the way up on my porch, leave it on my porch now. Don’t you dare ever steal stuff from anybody’s porch again.”

The embarrassed thief obeyed her, returning the package and apparently running away.

Thefts and burglaries have been rampant in Brooklyn, as well as the rest of New York City, because of radical leftist prosecutors, and Charedi communities have been badly victimized.

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