Hikind: Antisemitism is ‘Emanating from the Minority Community’

FILE - Brooklyn assemblyman Dov Hikind in 2012. (AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Politician Dov Hikind, founder of “Americans Against Antisemitism”, says that the rate of antimsemitic attacks in the U.S. is the worst it have ever been, and he is blaming minorities.

In an appearance on Newsmax TV, Mr. Hikind was asked about the claim made by leftists that the biggest threat to Jews are white supremacists, yet the attack in Colleyville, Texas was done by a jihadist, and antisemitism in New York City, which is rampant, is not done by white supremacists.

Mr. Hikind replied, “All you have to have is eyes to see who the perpetrators are. They come from the minority community very often. All the attacks in New York City in the past 2 years, the people belting, attacking, and beating Jews, they are not even white.”

He added, “Let’s be freaking honest, so much of this hate is emanating from the minority community. If we don’t talk about it and face it, how are we ever going to deal with it?”

Mr. Hikind continued, “Two years ago when attacks were happening day after day, Mayor deBlasio was talking about white supremacists. I could not find a white supremacist in New York. It’s just an excuse, a way to not deal with the reality. We need to start a real dialogue about those committing the acts of hate.

“The big question is, where is this hate coming from? We have a situation over the last three years of antismeitic attacks like we have never seen in this country.”

Host Logan Ratick commented on the media excusing attackers and blaming “mental illness”, when the real mental illness is being radicalized by Islamic fundamentalism.

In response Mr. Hikind said, “In every case of an antisemitic incident, the perpetrator has a mental illness. It’s freaking preposterous.”

He added, “Jews are afraid, people are taking off their yarmulkas. This is America, the greatest country on earth, and people need to take off their yarmulkas?”

Mr. Hikind blasted politicians, saying “You know who is responsible, the freaking politicians. They are a bunch of frauds. They are dishonest with the public.

He concluded by saying, ”How could a 21 year old university student last week, who in this case was white, tell an 8, 7, and 3 year old that ‘Hitler should have killed you all?’ Where is this hate coming from?”

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