Piles of Walder’s Books Thrown on Doorstep of Yated Ne’eman’s Rabbinic Advisor


ISRAEL (VINnews) — On Tuesday, the day of shloshim for Chaim Walder, his victims sent a powerful message of anger and defiance against a close ally of his.

A pile of Walder’s books containing emotional messages written by the victims, were thrown at the front door of Rabbi Nosson Zochovsky, the head of the Vaad HaRuchani of the Israeli Yated Ne’eman, who fired Walder from the newspaper when allegations surfaced, but later eulogized him at his levaya.

Some messages mentioned Shifra Horovitz a”h, a victim who tragically took her own life following Walder’s death, with one saying in hebrew “You murdered Shifra Horovitz.”

Taped to the front door was a typed heartfelt letter from a victim, expressing deep, intense emotions and trauma, calling the books a “gift from dear families who chose to throw them out of their houses in protest against the newspaper, in a clear proclamation that our lives and the lives of our children come first!”

Here are excerpts from that letter:

“I’m writing this to you with blood pouring from my heart, thirty days after I ceased from being a human. Thirty days ago I was murdered by you for the second time in my life–which is not a life!!!”

“When you stood that night to be maspid the serpent with your tears, who destroyed my life and the lives of many girls, and you chose to bestow on him the highest possible honor, you finalized our complete spiritual deaths.

“And the next day when we were just beginning to recover and try to rise back up, you advised your newspapers’ writers to give him respect which was overly inflated, and as such you crushed any last drop of respect that we still possessed, by confirming that not a single Rabbi believes us, and nobody is interested in preventing the continuous murders happening through our darkness.”

The letter added, “With a crushed spirit [the victims] think all the time about the end of their lives, because you sent a clear message that their lives are worth less than a garlic peel.”

–With a torn and broken heart

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