Coronavirus Can Destroy The Placenta And Lead To Stillbirths

This microscope image provided by the College of American Pathologists and Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine shows placental cells from a stillbirth with SARS-CoV-2 infection indicated by the darker stains. Research published on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022 suggests the coronavirus can invade and destroy the placenta in a deadly process that may be a major cause of stillbirths in infected pregnant women. (College of American Pathologists, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine via AP)

New research suggests the coronavirus can invade and destroy the placenta and lead to stillbirths in infected women.

It’s an uncommon outcome for any pregnancy but women with COVID-19 face an elevated risk. Authorities believe vaccination can help prevent these cases.

Researchers in 12 countries, including the United States, analyzed placental and autopsy tissue from 64 stillbirths and four newborns who died shortly after birth. The cases all involved unvaccinated women who had COVID-19 during their pregnancy.

The study bolsters evidence from small case reports and it confirms that placenta damage rather than an infection of the fetus is the likely cause of many COVID-19-related stillbirths, said Dr. Jeffery Goldstein, a pathologist at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

He was not involved in the study, which was published Thursday in Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

Previous evidence suggests the chances of stillbirth are higher than usual for pregnant women with COVID-19, particularly from the delta variant. Vaccination recommendations include pregnant women and note their higher risk for complications when infected.

Lead author Dr. David Schwartz, an Atlanta pathologist, said other infections can infiltrate the placenta and cause stillbirth, typically by infecting and damaging the fetus. A recent example is Zika virus.

He and his colleagues wanted to see if that was the case with stillbirths in women with COVID-19. But what they found was almost the opposite: it was the placenta that was infected and extensively destroyed.

“Many of these cases had over 90% of the placenta destroyed — very scary,” said Schwartz.

Normal placenta tissue is a healthy reddish hue and spongy. The specimens they studied were stiff, with dark discolorations of dead tissue. While other infections can sometimes damage the placenta, Schwartz said he’d never seen them cause such consistent, extensive destruction.

The placenta is an organ that forms and attaches to the womb during pregnancy. It connects with the umbilical cord, providing oxygen and nourishment from the mother’s bloodstream.

The virus likely reached the placenta through the bloodstream, attaching to susceptible cells and causing protein deposits and an unusual form of inflammation that blocked blood flow and oxygen. That in turn led to placenta tissue death and suffocation, the researchers said.

Coronavirus was also detected in some of the fetuses, but evidence of suffocation in the womb points to placenta damage as the more likely cause of death, they said.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report in November found that among pregnant U.S. women infected with COVID-19, about 1 in 80 deliveries was a stillbirth — the loss of a fetus anytime after 20 weeks. That’s compared with 1 in 155 among uninfected women.

The study stillbirths occurred on average at 30 weeks; normal pregnancies last about 40 weeks.

High blood pressure, certain chronic illnesses and fetal abnormalities are among conditions that can increase chances for stillbirths, including in women with COVID-19.

It is unclear whether omicron infections also increase chances for stillbirths; the study was done before that highly infectious variant emerged.

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1 year ago

This makes no sense.

The “vaccines” officially do not prevent an infection of Covid and do not prevent transmission of Covid.

So why would any woman add the risk of the shots into whatever risk she would have either way, given that the shots won’t stop her from getting infected?

As usual, of course, nothing is mentioned about natural immunity, which provides actual immunity, as opposed to the shots which claim only to prevent hospitalization and worse, R”L L”A.

Biden abandoned 1000s of American in Afghanistan.
Biden abandoned 1000s of American in Afghanistan.
1 year ago

So they only studied from women who were unvaccinated, why didn’t they study from vaccinated women, or would that not fit their vax agenda?

1 year ago

Why are you not reporting the facts. Journalism is dead here too. Jews are dying in Israel at an alarming rate, young pple, and they are the most vaccinated country with the 4th booster. Do you not see the correlation. Stop spewing this dangerous one sided propaganda. Report ALL. the facts and let your readers think for themselves on how to understand the information provided.
Israel reports record deaths, 60% above previous record a year ago, despite quadruple vaccination of at-risk groups.

75-80% of severe cases in ICU appear to be vaccinated, most “at least three times”.

How can this possibly be? 

– @covidtruthnet

Ah yid
Ah yid
1 year ago

Yesterday, jpost published an article on an Israeli study. The study showed 10 percent of the vaccinated women had their menstrual cycles altered.

Trusted Member
1 year ago

The cases all involved unvaccinated women who had COVID-19 during their pregnancy.

Tricky, tricky. Odds are this data is referring to the ‘officially unvaccinated’, who actually did take one or more of the c19 shots, but whose vaccinated status has conveniently dissipated off the data. Not right.

Leah weiss
Leah weiss
1 year ago

What is this fear mongering?? You need to.promote the injections which cause many.more deaths?