ADAMS’ NYC: Antisemitic Graffiti Sprayed on Queens Dental Office


QUEENS (VINnews) — Another hate crime has taken place in the five boroughs. This past Shabbos, vandals sprayed antisemitic graffiti across the front window of a Forest Hills dental office. The graffiti used a vicious profanity in reference to Jews.

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Queens Councilwoman Lynn Schulman tweeted a photo of the graffiti saying, “There is no place for this disgusting antisemitic vandalism anywhere.”

Schulman said that the graffiti was discovered by a Rabbi after Shabbos and reported to the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force, who are investigating.

Mayor Eric Adams tweeted about the incident, saying: “This would be disgusting anytime but it’s especially outrageous as we come to the end of Shabbos. We won’t let this vicious hatred go unanswered in our city.”

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards tweeted, “There are no words to accurately describe how hideous and vile this is. Hate cannot be accepted anywhere, but especially not in the World’s Borough. If you spew antisemitism or hate in our borough, you will be caught. You will be prosecuted. You will never win.”


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Mindy Sirkis
Mindy Sirkis
2 years ago

so do something mayor!!! stop talking

End hate
End hate
2 years ago

Why blame this on the mayor?
We’re in golus and have to end it by erasing the cause of it which was sinas chinam.