Watch: Chabad Emissaries Stay With Their Communities In Ukraine: ‘When They Leave, We Will Leave’

Or Heller of Ynet visited Chabad emissaries in Charkov, February 27th 2022

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Despite the dangers involved in staying in the war zone, Chabad emissaries throughout the Ukraine have chosen to stay with their communities. In many instances they have to provide food and shelter for many other people besides their families.

In the village of Anatevka south of Kyiv, Rabbi Moshe Asman who founded the village to serve refugees from the 2014 war in Donetsk is now himself a refugee from the war zone but his village is serving hundreds of refugees who escaped from Kyiv. The following report from Kan 11 shows Rabbi Asman and his family serving the community faithfully.

Dancing and praying in a shelter in Kyiv


In Kharkiv which is also under intense Russian shelling, the Moskowitz family prepared a cellar under its house but is set to stay there during the war. When asked by his congregants whether he is considering leaving to safer places, Rabbi Moskowitz answers: “When you leave, I will leave.” Rabbi Moskowitz is busy distributing food in the shul where hundreds of his congregation have taken shelter in the belief that shuls will not be targeted by Russian attackers.

Rabbi Moskowitz succeeded in impressing Israeli reporter Or Heller who labelled him a “Tzadik” for staying with his community.




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