Chasan Who Fell Off Table And Was Seriously Injured Recovers Consciousness, Starts Walking And Talking

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JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Three months ago, at a wedding which took place in the city of Modi’in, the chasan fell off a table which he had been placed on and suffered serious injuries, losing consciousness and being in a life-threatening situation. He was rushed to the Tal Hashomer intensive care unit where he was sedated and respirated but continued to be in very grave condition. This week it was reported that there has been a significant improvement in his condition.

The chasan, 34-year-old Itai Chaim ben Ahuva Chamani, is a Baal Teshuva and a member of Rabbi Mordechai Auerbach’s Abir Yaakov community in central Tel Aviv which has succeeded in creating a spiritual rejuvenation in the city in recent years. After the accident doctors feared that he would suffer brain damage but last month he woken up and is now communicated with his wife and family. Last weekend he started walking normally and was fully conscious of his surroundings.

Chatan walking with his doctors

Chamani’s wife said that “this is a miracle from heaven. I am in shock that he has begun to walk already, this defies nature and is against all the odds. He will require a series of rehabilitation treatments. Thank you to all the people of Israel who prayed for my husband.”

In the wake of the shocking incident, the Kikar Hashabat site promoted a new initiative in which tens of chareidi singers committed to stop singing at any wedding in which the Chasan or Kallah get on a table.

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