Yair’s Mother Had A Premonition – And Ran To Pray In Cave Of Machpela

Mearat HaMachpela (photo credit: Flash90)

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Avraham Maimon, brother of Yair Maimon, the security guard from Tekoa who eliminated a terrorist Sunday night after he tried to enter his house and perpetrate an attack, added an amazing corollary to the incident

Maimon said that “On Sunday evening my mother was sitting in her house in Kiryat Arba and started to feel anxious and distressed. Despite being tired from Shabbat in which she hosted all of her children, she felt that something big was due to happen.

“On an impulse she went down to the Cave of Machpela to the tombs of our forefathers and mothers and began to cry and pray, without knowing why. In those very moments Yair and his wife decided on a whim to go outside and drink tea on their porch and the rest of the story is now known.

Maimon says that when he called his mother to tell her about the incident, she said: “I know that something happened, just tell me that everyone is OK.”

Maimon concluded that “there is a secret world we cannot fathom: a connection between mother and son, a connection between the fathers and mothers of our nation and their children. A connection between Chevron and Gush Etzion [where the attack occurred] and between prayer and reality.”

Maimon shot and eliminated the terrorist after he had scaled the wall of his house brandishing a knife.


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