Is Meron Ready For Lag Ba’Omer? A Member of Supervising Committee Says Situation Is ‘Worrying’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Rabbi Dov Kaplan, a member of the “committee of five” which has supervised the Meron festivities in recent years, says that the site is not properly prepared for the coming Lag Ba’Omer. Rabbi Kaplan says that removing the tents on the mountain which are far away from the tomb does nothing to strengthen the site itself.

Structures near Rashbi tomb being demolished, May 8 2022

However the development going on at the site itself is still in progress and this has led to a situation where the Kohanim’s bridge is inaccessible at present and the path beneath it which was used to leave the tomb has not been repaired.

“I see the stairs leading to the Kohanim’s porch and they are non-existent,” Rabbi Kaplan says. “I hope they will organize them, since there is no access. I was surprised to see this yesterday, since we are a week before the event. This is an emergency escape route if G-d forbid something happens in the tomb. Tens of Kohanim come via the bridge which is currently being reconstructed.”

Rabbi Kaplan said that in theory there is a project manager and he is the address for every issue but currently there is no central person responsible. “The current situation is worrying. I hope they will finish everything in time for Lag Ba’Omer. I am very anxious. The entire enterprise is not being organized properly. The tickets are not being given out in an organized manner, etc. and the public is complaining about this.”


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