Mr. Moshe Aharon Schneider ז”ל משה אהרן בן יעקב

Family getting up:
Mr. Betzalel Schneider
Betzalel Schneider will be sitting shiva at 1812 East 12th Street through Motzei Shabbos. Sunday he will be sitting at 1332 Trist Place. He will be getting up from Shiva Monday am.
Please do not come between 7:30-8:30 pm.
Mr. Chaim Boruch Schneider
Chaim Boruch Schneider will be sitting in Nevei Daniel, Israel until Motzei Shabbos. He will be returning to Bayswater to sit shiva at 1332 Trist Place from Sunday – Tuesday am.
Mrs. Rochel Greenberg
Mrs. Rochel Greenberg will be sitting shiva at her home in Nevei Daniel, Israel through Tue am.

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