Watch: What Rabbi Wallerstein Would Do If He Had One More Hour to Live


It was one of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein’s final requests in this world – ensuring that the Ohr Naava programs continue beyond his lifetime.

THIS LAST WEEK: Generous supporters have pledged to match $2 million to help Ohr Naava meet its annual budget.

2x MATCHING IS ENDING TONIGHT! Just a few hours left!!

We ask you to join them in our ongoing legacy campaign, helping Ohr Naava to reach the thousands of Jewish women that walk through our doors, who are ALL OF OUR DAUGHTERS.

Ohr Naava features lots of programming around the year for our girls. 

•Bnot Binah

•The Ranch at Bethel

•Bnot Chaya Academy

•Ateres Naava

Click HERE To Be Apart Of Keeping Rabbi Wallerstein’s Legacy ALIVE

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