Widow Of Elad Terror Victim Lambasts Bennett: ‘You Only Care About Your Seats. May You Fall Very Soon’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke Tuesday with the widows of the Elad terror victims from Thursday’s terror attack. The widows rebuked Bennett for maintaining his left-leaning government despite the flurry of terror attacks and criticized the dependence on Arabs in the government.

The family of Yonatan Chabakuk HyD sharply criticized the government after Religious Affairs minister Matan Kahane came to console the bereaved family. Kahane called Bennett who tried to offer condolences but the widow reacted sharply, stating: “Why do you rely on supporters of terror? You won’t do anything because you’re scared for your seats [in government]. Amen, may you fall soon.”

Boaz Gul’s son covers his father’s grave

Galit Gul, widow of Boaz Gul HyD, said that “your views were once so important to you and suddenly you changed. You were so against them [Arab MKs] and suddenly you caved in. But I want to tell you that if you don’t do something to those murderers, the blood will be on your hands. The blood of my husband and of the children. How can I tell my little boy that they were caught alive?”


Galit Gul speaking with Prime Minister Bennett (Michael Shemesh, Kan 11)

In reference to the fact that one terrorist was given a cigarette by security forces, Gul cried: “Why should I have to give them a cigarette? If you murdered, you should pay!”

During the current terror wave, the prime minister has not visited bereaved families, apparently due to fear of criticism and harsh insults against him and his government. Bennett has been severely criticized for this behavior and this led him to call the widows by telephone.

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