Watch: Critically Injured Man From Elad Attack Regained Consciousness, Puts On Tefillin


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Shai Ben Shlomo, who was critically injured in the murderous terror attack in Elad nearly two weeks ago, has regained consciousness and for the first time was able to put on Tefillin in hospital on Monday.

Shai Ben Shlomo puts on Tefillin

The 38-year-old Ben Shlomo was in the park with four of his children when the terrorists started attacking people randomly with axes. The two terrorists attacked him and wounded him seriously in the head. Ben-Shlomo’s brother-in-law, Netanel Yaakobov, wrote on Facebook that “even when he suffered critical injuries, he thought of how to cause his children less pain. With an open wound and terrifying injuries to his body he took them to the side, hid and protected them and then collapsed.”

Ben-Shlomo was sedated and respirated for 10 days before regaining consciousness and beginning to communicate with family around him. The Beilinson hospital said that he is still in serious but stable condition and a second person injured in the attack, a 68-year-old man, is also in serious condition and is still sedated and respirated.

Ben-Shlomo’s family described him as a man filled with faith who worked at two jobs and used his spare time to pray and study Torah. He always lived modestly and did not wish to benefit from others. The family thanked the people of Israel for the ‘warm embrace’ but said that prayers are still required for his complete recovery.


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