Watch: Police Evict All People From Meron Site, Entry From Thursday With Pre-Purchased Tickets


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — On the night before the Hilula of Lag Ba’Omer, hundreds of police evicted all the people who had attempted to barricade themselves into the tomb of Rashbi prior to Lag Ba-Omer.

Shortly before 12 AM a loudspeaker in Hebrew and Yiddish, delivered by Meron’s Rabbi Anshel Friedman, called on every person in the tomb to leave. Most of the people present refused to obey the police request and were forcibly removed from the site. A number of people were arrested during the eviction.

The eviction is due to the decision by the Meron Investigation Committee to restrict the number of people present at any one time in the site to 16,000, in accordance with the amount of room available at the site and behind it.

Police request that everyone leave the site

Police remove barricaders from Meron site

As of Wednesday night entry to the site was only possible with pre-purchased tickets which are valid for four hours. The buses bringing people will wait in car parks and when people leave, new worshipers will be able to enter the site.

Police are preparing for extremist elements who may attempt to enter the site from other directions and through the forests aroundabout. 8,000 police have been deployed to maintain order and prevent illegal access to the site.


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