Thursday: YU Siyum – Ishay Ribo Concert


The Ishay Ribo world tour “Lashuv Habita” is arriving in NY this week, and excitement is on the rise among music lovers and fans. Three upcoming concerts by the legendary singer and megastar will be held in Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York, together with a grand Siyum at each concert. 


The concert in New York will celebrate the completion of Tanach, Mishnayos, and the entire Mesechtas Bava Basra by the students of Yeshiva University (YU). “Torah is the cornerstone of YU, we’re excited to celebrate graduation with a monumental event that will be remembered for years to come,” says Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky, Dean, undergraduate Torah studies at Yeshiva University. “Ishay Ribo has touched tens of thousands of Jewish souls with his talents. He has brought many Jews closer to Hashem through his music. Many Jews of different denominations will gather together to sing, dance, and celebrate in unity, Torah, and music, as a Kiddush Hashem of epic proportion will be created!”

The singer and his teams are already on their way from Israel along with the band, production managers, lighting engineers, and directors. The New York Mega concerts, part of Ribo’s ‘Lashuv Habaita’ international tour, will be on stage along with acclaimed singers, Akiva and the famous Alex Clare. During the show, Alex will relate his emotional journey to Yiddishkeit and his incredible life-changing experiences.

“Lately I did a show at Kings Theater in Brooklyn with 3200 people, and we saw something amazing happen at the event: there were many people in the crowd who didn’t speak Hebrew, and yet they knew the songs and were singing along! There was a great atmosphere in the room, something we can’t wait to do again. That event really gave me insight into what was going on here in the States and motivated us to keep up the efforts and do more. I want to show gratitude to my fans in Chutz La’aretz and do my unique “Shlichus” to touch as many Jews as possible,” says Ribo.

The concert in New York will be one of the biggest Jewish concerts in North America, as over 10,000 tickets have already been sold.

Los Angeles:
Saban TheatreMonday 05.23

New York:

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Thursday, 04.26

Doors open: 6:30pm. 

Siyum: 7:45 pm.

Concert: 8:00pm. 

Monday 5.30
Meridian Hall

Tickets available at:

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