Car Dealers Push To Get Rid Of Auto Brokers


Your help is needed to stop greedy car dealers and their allies from putting independent auto brokers out of business. This would not only drive up vehicle prices for hardworking New Yorkers, but deny them the freedom to make a significant purchase in a manner that best meets their needs.

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The dealers want to kill competition by cutting brokers out of the picture. And they’re spending millions of dollars in Albany to try to buy themselves a monopoly.

This unprecedented control, combined with the pandemic-induced vehicle shortage, has and will continue to put cars out of reach for individuals who are struggling to get back on their feet after an unprecedented and difficult few years.


Brokers are small business owners with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds who are playing a key role in New York’s ongoing economic comeback. They provide a critical service to consumers who feel too intimidated, confused, or pressured by the traditional Dealership experience – due to time constraints, language barriers, disabilities, gender discrimination, religious observances, or other challenges.

Brokers offer individuals a reliable and convenient alternative way to purchase vehicles. Not everyone has the time, skills, or desire to haggle with a dealer to get a good price. Brokers help some of the state’s most vulnerable residents – non-English speakers, religious communities, and disabled individuals – to purchase affordable and high-quality vehicles conveniently and safely.

It is crucial that we protect the brokers so they can continue to provide this valuable service, assuring all New Yorkers can get a quality vehicle at a reasonable price.

Contact your assemblyman and state senator TODAY and tell them to vote “no” on S. 4332-B (Savino)/ A. 1932-C (Carroll) to protect both the brokers and the vulnerable New Yorkers they serve.


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R. Moshe
R. Moshe
2 years ago

when I located a car that I wanted, pre-covid, I asked a major frum leasing operator to get it for me. Hours later they answered that they could not get it, it had been sold already. In actuality, it was still available and the dealer then froze it for me over a Shaboss so it would not be sold. The price was better than I could expect.