LISTEN: Rav Uren Reich On The Fighting In Gur: A Jew Who Hits A Jew Is A Rasha And Does Not Count Toward A Minyan


LAKEWOOD, NJ (VINnews) — Rav Uren Reich shlita,  as part of a weekly shiur, felt obligated to speak up against the recent violence in the Gerrer kehilla.

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He expressed his dismay at recent events, saying that an unprecedented “red line” was crossed, which was never before seen in Klal Yisrael. For a Jew to hit another Jew is something which is completely unheard of.

Rabbi Reich said that he does not like when the term “Rasha” is used to loosely, because it loses its meaning. However when a Jew hits another Jew, he truly is a rasha, he is lashed in Bais Din, and does not count toward a minyan.

He told a story of the Chiddushei HaRim, the first Gerrer Rebbe, who once instructed someone to guard his office door and not allow anyone to disturb him. In the meantime, a crowd gathered but the man prevented them from entering. The crowd, however, grew impatient, and they thought that the man was acting on his own, not on behalf of the Rebbe.

One man stuck his foot in the doorway, preventing the man from shutting it to protect the Rebbe. In response, the man who stood guard slapped the man, causing him to remove his foot.

Later, a minyan was needed for davening, and there were exactly ten men including the man who had stood guard at the door. The Rebbe said that they still needed one more for a minyan. When asked why, the Rebbe said that the person did not count, since he had hit a fellow Jew. The man replied, “I only hit him to protect the Rebbe’s kavod.” However, the Rebbe was adamant that there is nothing respectful about hitting a Jew. That is not an act of respect, but rather an act of rish’us.

Rabbi Reich said that the current Gerrer Rebbe is certainly unaware of the behavior being done to protect his honor, however, the people behaving this way are doing something that is unacceptable and unheard of as members of Klal Yisrael.


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