How To Promote An Expert Account On Instagram


If you are recognized in the community, you are known, recommended and respected, you get a serious resource. It will help you stand out from your competitors, increase the loyalty of potential and existing customers, and convince them to trust you, because you are an expert. But in order to reach this level, most often have to order ads and buy Instagram followers.

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An expert is a person who understands certain areas better than others and is respected by colleagues. Let’s agree: we assume that a person really understands his field, and did not decide to do it yesterday.

Positioning as an expert is relevant for lawyers, doctors, psychologists, architects, stylists, copywriters, fitness trainers, business consultants and other highly competitive professions. This can also apply to entrepreneurs who take on the position of public company leader and market expert.

Today we will talk about how a specialist in any field can make himself known and move forward without the need to buy real Instagram followers.

Social networks

This is one of the most budget promotion options. Perfectly helps to create the image you need, depending on your goals and on the audience you need. If you work in a field where the image is important, then you need an Instagram account.

However, in addition to this, it is also necessary to open accounts on other platforms. If you have a profile on Facebook or Twitter, then you can get an audience there that you can invite to Instagram by posting a link.

Make sure that your personal pages are immediately clear what exactly you do. You can use the power of social media to your advantage, but you need to manage it accordingly. Develop a posting plan (when, how, what to post on social media).

Personal website and blog

An excellent promotion channel, completely under your control, unlike the press or events. Not everyone needs it, but we recommend creating a personal website for more than half of our clients. It is the site that allows you to create a full-fledged showcase of your work, collect information about you in one place and present everything in a favorable light.

A person’s site can be completely different in structure: a business card site, a portfolio site where you post your work or cases, your blog or portal, which contains not only your useful materials, but also a lot of information on the profile of your activity.

A blog on the site will work for your promotion if you can publish at least one high-quality post per month. No time? Hire a person who will write on your behalf and on your theses.

You can also place a link to your Instagram profile on your website. There are some people who prefer to visit websites and you can get their attention. After that, you may be able to lure them to Instagram.

What else is needed for successful promotion

Expert status doesn’t appear on its own one morning. It is earning. And you need to work on this regularly: invest time, money and effort in your own promotion. Independently or with the involvement of a PR specialist from outside.

Post more on social media. Participate in all major industry events, get ready to be a good speaker. Write to the media and portals, create special projects that will help you express yourself, and maybe even change your industry.

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