Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Responds to Court Ruling: ‘We need to stand up for Hashem and His Values’


BOCA RATON (VINnews) — Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, a musmach of YU and Rabbi at the Boca Raton Synagogue, responded to the recent court ruling that forces Yeshiva University to accept a “pride club”.

In a Facebook post, Rabbi Goldberg defended YU and explained why it is unacceptable for the institution to host a club that is a disgrace to Torah values.

Here are excerpts from his post:

“I think there are times we need to stand up for Hashem and His values and say things that would be much easier to be silent about”

“…it is simply unreasonable for students in a Yeshiva (even one that has a secular university component) to expect to be allowed to have a club that, no matter the intention, at its core enables the celebration or pride in an activity and a recognition of relationships that the Torah unequivocally prohibits.”

“A Yeshiva…is not an environment that someone publicly taking pride in an identity the Torah doesn’t recognize will find the response and support that they are looking for.”

“Saying all people should be treated with respect but a pride club at a Yeshiva is incompatible and a non-starter doesn’t make me insensitive or a bigot, it makes me loyal to multiple values that are compatible and that I believe Hashem wants us to equally maintain”

One commenter replied:
I understood that if they want to follow the law for institutions organized the way they chose to, they must allow it. Your protesting is commendable but they cannot have it both ways.


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