WATCH: R’ Shmuel Sackett Discusses 16 yr old Moishe Kleinerman, Missing for 80 Days


R’ Shmuel Sackett, founder of Am Yisrael Chai, has gotten involved in the search for Moishe Kleinerman, who tragically has not been seen in 80 days.

In this emotional and informative interview, he discusses:

  1. Why it took so long for Moishe to be reported missing
  2. What strategies and operations are currently underway to find Moishe?
  3. Could he have been abducted by Arabs?
  4. Was the police not helpful because the family is Charedi?
  5. Is there a link between Moishe and Yoel Roth, with whom he spent the last Shabbos that he was seen publicly?
  6. What is the most likely scenario?
  7. How can we help find Moishe?
  8. How did Shmuel become involved with this case?

The Am Yisrael Chai Fund has allocated 50,000 shekel for anyone bringing information which will lead to finding Moishe. In addition, an anonymous American donor is offering a $10,000 reward, and Ami Magazine has added another $10,000.

People can call 053-284-5507 or 050-657-1577 at any time of the day and week, and pass on any information which can help us solve the mystery. They can also call the same number to volunteer to search.

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