REPORT: Moishy Kleinerman Sighted In Kerestir, Hungary A Month Ago


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Various unverified testimonies published in the Ami magazine claim that Moishy (Avrohom Moshe) Kleinerman, the youth from Modiin Illit who disappeared nearly 90 days ago, was seen a month ago at Kerestir, Hungary. The information was transferred to Israeli police who have set up a special investigative team to try and locate the missing boy. The Ami magazine offered a prize of $10000 to anyone who can bring information about Moishy’s whereabouts.

The Israeli police announced Sunday that it is deploying large forces as well as volunteers and rescue units in a broad search in regions where the missing boy might be located. The difficulty involved in the search was explained by police due to the lack of clear indications enabling them to focus on a particular region. Police promised to continue their endeavors until Moishy is returned to his family.

The last time that Moishy was seen was on Friday, 22 Adar Sheni in the Meron region. Moishy’s mother Gitty said that “there was never a time when he left and didn’t update us on what was happening to him. He went for Shabbos Mevorchim Nissan to Meron and said he was travelling with friends and because he didn’t have a phone he gave the number of a friend and said he would be in touch.”

Gitty aded that “his friends were in shock, they don’t know what happened. They said that on Motzaei Shabbos he went out with someone but we don’t really know what happened.”

American philanthropist Shmuel Sackett visited Kleinerman’s parents last week and promised a reward to those who bring information leading to Moishy’s location. Sackett said that “I saw the clip of the parents and I cried but I didn’t just want to cry and pray, I wanted to do something so my Am Yisrael Chai fund will give a 50000 NIS prize to whoever gives information enabling Avrohom Moshe to be found alive and well. You can even call on Shabbos it is Pikuach Nefesh.”

Kleinerman’s father thanked those who are helping in the effort to locate his son, adding that “It is impossible to describe the difficulty and worry, we can’t breathe or sleep, every phone call makes us jump, it is terrible.”

Kleinerman’s mother thanked those making efforts to find Moishy but criticized the country for waking up late (when she reported Moishy’s disappearance police told her to wait until after Pesach…) and begged the authorities to “bring Moishy home.”

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