Deserter Yeshiva Student Released From Israeli Military Jail For Ten-Day Wedding Furlough

Picture: Hadas Porush/Flash90

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A military court granted a ten-day furlough to a yeshiva student who has been under arrest for over two weeks for army desertion. The furlough was granted at the request of the student’s family, since he is due to get married this week. The court accepted guarantees provided by Rabbi Shimon Shisha, an emissary for the Eda Chareidis who is working to help the student.

The student was arrested on the eve of Shavuos. As he was standing at a bus stop, a policeman asked him to identify himself and noted that he was wanted by military police for desertion. The student was transferred to military police, who extended his remand until the conclusion of legal procedures against him, despite his imminent wedding.

The student’s family submitted a request to the prison commander to grant him a ten-day furlough for his wedding but the commander only authorized two days. The family conducted a demonstration outside the draft center and petitioned the military court to release the student for the duration of his wedding festivities.

The judge said that the indictment against the student states that he has been a deserter for 597 days and there is a concern that he will attempt to escape justice. However after Rabbi Shisha declared that he would take personal responsibility for the student and promised that he would return at the end of the furlough, the judge allowed the student to be released for ten days on bail of 10,000 NIS.

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