Gitty Kleinerman To Knesset Internal Affairs Committee: ‘2,080 Hours We’re In Continuous Nightmare’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In tears which left nobody unmoved, Gitty Kleinerman, the mother of missing youth Moishy Kleinerman, described to the Knesset’s Internal Affairs committee the shocking situation of her family in the wake of Moishy’s disappearance:

“For 87 days we don’t know where our Moishy is…He’s sixteen and a half, responsible he knows how to travel, he’s attached to his family, nothing like this ever happened. He’s a child of Am Yisrael. I don’t have a life, I want to be calm and take care of my six-month old baby, I want to take care of my other children but I feel that nobody is taking responsibility for Moishy. 2,080 ours we are in a continuous nightmare. I can’t concentrate, we don’t have night or day. I request of all those who can to make every effort to find Moishy, I have no idea what he is going through, if he is alive or dead, or fell into a hole. I have no words for this.”

The discussion was opened by committee head MK Meirav Ben-Ari who said that this is a “burning issue” which needed to be addressed by the committee. She called on Moishy’s parents to describe the situation.

Moishy’s father said that “we are talking about the life of a child and the country should be on its feet over this. We are very concerned that this may be a kidnapping. He is very attached to his family and always called home. Somebody is holding him captive, either for criminal or nationalistic motives. It’s impossible to know that this is not a kidnapping.”

MK Yaakov Tessler said that “the mother told me: I feel that Moishy is alive. I speak with him every day. It’s a mother’s intuition, a mother’s heart. We’re not talking about an item, we’re talking about a person.”

Police Superintendent Ariel Gad explained the regulations for missing persons: “Police deal with 25,000 missing persons a year. The moment there is a report the entire station starts to deal with the incident, including investigation, detective work etc. If it involves another region the local precinct also gets involved. Police invest huge resources in the matter. 90% of missing persons are found within 24 hours, 95% within two or three days. Between 6 and 10 annually are not located.

“Other people including security officers and volunteers are deployed. There is a special unit for missing persons in the coastal region. All publication requires family approval as there is some sensitivity in this matter, we can’t publicize until the family authorizes.”

The deputy commander of the Modiin Illit police unit said that “the missing persons report arrived on the 4th of April, 9 days after Moshe’s disappearance. Police succeeded in locating an image of Moshe going to the tomb in Meron and disappearing. The region where he disappeared is very rugged, with numerous terraces and pits. I am constantly in touch with the parents and we want nothing more in the world than to bring him back to his home.

“Currently we have no place where I can bring people to perform searches. There are no indications of a nationalistic event and we have searched border control and are looking at indications from abroad but we have nothing to announce at present.”

Police Chief Rabbi Rami Berechyahu insisted that police make no difference in their efforts between different sectors and will do everything to locate the child.

Reporter Ariel Elharar says that in the wake of Tuesday’s painful hearing at the committee, police have intensified efforts to search for Moishy in the Meron vicinity.



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