Report: Brooklyn Chareidi Wins $126 Million Jackpot


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Jewish social media sites were buzzing with the news that a chareidi Jew from Brooklyn had won the $126 million jackpot of the March 8 Mega Millions draw. The man, identified as Herman Kahan, guessed the winning numbers as well as the Mega Ball, enabling him to take the jackpot.

The NY Lottery said about the win: “What makes this even more interesting is that the winner is a New York Lottery subscriber. The subscription program offered by the New York Lottery lets players enter into every drawing for the duration of their pre-paid subscription.
“The winning ticket for the March 8 drawing was worth $126 million. The cash value of the jackpot (if the winner wants to withdraw the whole amount at once – DI) is $85,848,424 before taxes,” the statement continued.

The after-taxes sum – if the winner withdraws it all at once – would amount to $52.5 million a large sum but less than half of the actual winning amount. According to the reports, Kahan decided to claim the entire lump sum despite the deductions.

Tens of purported pictures of the winner were being displayed on various social media sites but all have been denied up to this point.


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